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Title: 2019/7/9 10:33:38
Hello, This is Brady! I will like to know if i can make a place for take away order food for 60 guests, it will be picked up on the 19th of July by 12.45pm. please kindly attach with a menu & get back to me if you can fill this order for me. Thanks, Brady.
Title: 2019/3/5 9:17:22
I just got off of the phone placing an order with them. I think the most irritating thing a business can do is act like you are getting on their nerves and be rushed off of the phone. If not for your customers how do you stay in business? Why would you tell me you have other customers to help as to why you are becoming agitated. I only asked if I could get soup instead of the other items that come with lunch specials. Ok you got my business this time but no more. The last time I ordered Shrimp Egg Foo Young and you all didn't bring the gravy. So you are rude and inadequate.
Title: 2019/3/5 15:22:25
This is the second time I have ordered from them, and again their food came over an hour later along with the food being cold. I ordered over the weekend a few weeks ago and gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought it was just because it was the weekend and figured they were busy. Here again, for a small shrimp fried rice, egg drop soup and one egg roll everything was cold. Will chose a different spot next time.
Title: 2018/2/17 15:53:39
good group of guys
Title: 2018/11/6 8:07:51
What time do you open?
Title: 2017/11/24 1:24:40
Title: Rutu's Opinion of Great Taste2008-10-07T00:00:00
General Tso's chicken is awesome with some beer! but their chicken lo mein has a fish after taste, wtf right? ew and I hate seafood with a passion.?
Title: 10/22/2012 7:48:00 PM
Not the best out there but they are fast with delivery and the food is pretty good! I order from Good Taste every time I want Chinese food.
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