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Title: 2019/3/5 9:17:22
I just got off of the phone placing an order with them. I think the most irritating thing a business can do is act like you are getting on their nerves and be rushed off of the phone. If not for your customers how do you stay in business? Why would you tell me you have other customers to help as to why you are becoming agitated. I only asked if I could get soup instead of the other items that come with lunch specials. Ok you got my business this time but no more. The last time I ordered Shrimp Egg Foo Young and you all didn't bring the gravy. So you are rude and inadequate.
Title: 2019/3/5 15:22:25
This is the second time I have ordered from them, and again their food came over an hour later along with the food being cold. I ordered over the weekend a few weeks ago and gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought it was just because it was the weekend and figured they were busy. Here again, for a small shrimp fried rice, egg drop soup and one egg roll everything was cold. Will chose a different spot next time.
Title: 2018/2/17 15:53:39
good group of guys
Title: 2018/11/6 8:07:51
What time do you open?
Title: 2017/11/24 1:24:40
Title: VERY BAD2009-02-19T00:00:00
the food was disgusting and the service was horrible. The lady told me to bring back the food and she would give me my money back, and she ended up cursing at me because I didn't like the food, telling me nothing was wrong. long story short I will never eat there again and would not advise anyone else to.?
Title: VERY VERY BAD!!!...2009-02-13T00:00:00
Thursday, February 12th I made the decision to order some Chinese food. Randomly I got online and went down the list of places that would deliver to my house. I came across a restaurant called " Good Taste" ( GT) located 931 W. Grace St. Richmond , VA 23220 . as I order my food, which was sweet & sour chicken with white rice, the lady on the phone told me that my total came to $7 something. She told me that I needed to have at least $10 or more for them to deliver to me, so I said " I don't want anything else, so I will call somewhere else, thank you." so I called another Chinese restaurant to have them deliver to me and I ordered the same meal to be delivered. A man shows up with sweet & sour chicken and white rice and I pay him $12.00 ( this included the tip). I ate some of the food, and was disgusted with the way it tasted. The chicken was very soggy, and the rice I noticed had random brown pieces in it. The meal came with an egg roll that I gave it ...? More ?
Title: Rutu's Opinion of Great Taste2008-10-07T00:00:00
General Tso's chicken is awesome with some beer! but their chicken lo mein has a fish after taste, wtf right? ew and I hate seafood with a passion.?
Title: horrible2008-07-07T00:00:00
I used to order from good taste when i was attending vcu. i tried it again twice within the last 2 months and both times ordered beef w. broccoli and general tso's chicken. both times the meat wasn't really meat, it was just fat. and the sauces were very untasty. if you want good chinese try yen ching or peking or fu jian (decent).?
Title: ok2008-04-30T00:00:00
not the best, but what chinese take out is ever amazing. had no problems with them. orders can take awhile on fri and saturday nights, which is to be expected. chicken lo mein is good?
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